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You will need accomplish the following steps khổng lồ down load Canon 2900 for Windows 8/8.1 32 bit driver printing device correctly

Step 1: Willpower the printer’s title properly. Canon LBP.. 2900 or Canon LBP 2900B …

Step 2: Dedication os of pc in use. Ex: Windows Operating System 7 32 bit and also 64 bit, Microsoft Windows XPhường. 32 bit & also 64 bit, Windows Operating System 8 và also 8.1 64bit and also 32 bit, MAC OS, Linux …

Step 3: Press “Free Download” button in the underneath lớn get driver Canon LBP. 2900 work with Windows 8/8.1 32 bit of your personal printing device.

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The underneath is all of driver Canon LBP2900 inkjet printer:

FREE DOWNLOAD CANON LBP 2900 DRIVER FOR Windows 8/8.1 32 bit

Setup Driver Canon LBP 2900 with Windows 8/8.1 32 bit instruction

<+> Precaution When Using a USB Connection

Disconnect the USB cable that joins the device & computer before adding the Canon LBP 2900 driver.

Plug in the USB cable after seting up the Canon LBP-2900 driver.

The underneath instructions show anyone the way khổng lồ down load the compressed files and decompress them.

1_ Saved program are stored in the given directory in a self-extracting structure <.exe pháo file>

2_ Double press the files khổng lồ extract them. A br& new folder is going khổng lồ be made in the exact same thư mục.The new thư mục could have the exact same title since the squeezed file.

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3_ Dual} press the extract Setup.exe file to start Config driver for Canon LBP-2900.

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