I read this book about 2 or 3 years ago và I have sầu read it again & again for many times. When I’m sad about the school results, these book help me to get over it. So, let have a look :3

First, I think that this is a really good book for people who are bored with learning, studying, or the result they got couldn’t show their ability. Just at the beginning of the book, he tells about his life when he was young. How he became a successful businessman from a dumb kid. Some people will think that “oh man, this guy will boast about himself in that chapter”. But, his message in this chapter really is if one person can do it, you can bởi it. He shows us some study skills such as brain-storming, mind mapping, how khổng lồ read faster, note more efficient, how to improve your long-term memory…

Second, after reading this book, I don’t think I can’t apply all the skill in my daily life but I can use some of them really help. For example, I can make a time-table, stop wasting my time doing activities which are not goal directed và use the power of priority. Quote:

“Average people vì chưng not know this so they give priority khổng lồ doing things that

get them nowhere. They spend their 24 hours doing all the wrong activities.

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They major in minor things lượt thích hanging out, going lớn the mall or idling.”

Another example is “Dream big”. Just like what people usually say that “nobody toàn thân taxes your dream”, this book encourage people khổng lồ dare khổng lồ dream. A lot of examples are provided in book lớn compare those who have sầu a specific goal và those not. For instance:

“In 1952, at Yale University, the graduating batch of students was asked if they had clear goals about what they wanted to lớn achieve after they graduated.

Surprisingly, out of the entire cohort, only three percent of the students had their goals written down. They were very clear about the kind of job they were going for, the amount of money they wanted to lớn earn và achievements they wanted khổng lồ accomplish. They had truly designed the next 15 lớn trăng tròn years of their life. However, 97% of the students had no goals at all. They did not know what they wanted. They left everything up lớn chance and had the attitude of ‘whatever will be will be’.

Twenty years later, in 1972, a follow-up study was done on the surviving members of this group of students. What they found was astounding. The combined income of the three percent of the students who had set their goals was three times greater than the combined income of the 97% of the students who had not set any goals!”

What accounted for this huge difference in success? It certainly was not their level of intelligence or ability. After all, they all came from the same ivy-league college. The difference was in the power of goals!

Oh, and about mind mapping, I think it isn’t fit for Vietnamese primary, secondary và high school students. I find out that when I try khổng lồ use this method, although it help me to link the events better, it waste a lot of time because they don’t ask you khổng lồ learn the book, but just some concepts or a few lessons. In another h&, I think this method will help alot when we study at the univerity. Here is an example:


And for fast reading skill ~1000 word per minutes~, I think it might work but it need a lot of concentration to lớn gain >80% of the reading’s idea. Somehow, what he wrote about this skill is nearly the same to skimming skill. In another hvà, this skill is not really effective sầu when you something need a deep thought such as science books like: The elegant universe – Brian Green, the universe in a nutshell – Stephen Hawking, …

One more thing I remember is that most of us use our left brain (control the right side of the body) more than our right brain. In order khổng lồ help our brain to lớn work better, the book advises that we should use both of our brain when we studying.

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For example, you can include color, image, or visualize your lesson. You can listen khổng lồ baroque music when you are learning too (base on some retìm kiếm, this style of music stimulate alpha-wave in our brain & help us to study better)!

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