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Microsoft Office năm 2016 Professional Plus


With Microsoft Office năm nhâm thìn Pro Plus, you can always give your best, anywhere, anytime. The new modern versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Onelưu ý and Skype for Business ensure maximum productivity.

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Office năm 2016 Pro Plus is the most widely used office suite among users today.


Scope of delivery:


You will receive from Orapeteo Software the Office năm 2016 Pro Plus product key of your choice in the 32/64-bit tải về version for 1 PC.

With the download variant, you will receive sầu your sản phẩm key by e-mail. So you can start creating, updating và presenting professional-chất lượng documents quickly! You then have sầu the option to tải về Office năm 2016 Pro Plus directly.


Why buy Office 2016 as a download?


Install Office năm nhâm thìn Professional Plus directly with the tải về version. Fast, stable & unrestricted




Office năm 2016 Pro Plus is the most widely used office suite by users today.

Follow the steps in the Office suite installation wizard.

When you buy the original license of Office năm nhâm thìn Professional Plus, you are not only buying the faschạy thử office, but you are also offering all the features without any restrictions. You also get the lakiểm tra software supported by Microsoft. Don"t hesitate. Buy an Office product key.


Compared lớn previous versions, here are the improvements:


Customize the colors of your themes.

Integration with Windows 10

Integration with OneDrive

Share and work at the same time. This feature was highly anticipated by users

Convert handwritten math functions lớn text characters.

Word năm nhâm thìn, Excel năm 2016, PowerPoint năm nhâm thìn, Onelưu ý 2016, Outlook năm 2016, Advertiser năm nhâm thìn and Access 2016. Capture your ideas using the method that works best for you: keyboard, pen, or touch screen. The new themes available help you choose the Office experience that works best for you. The dark gray and dark gray themes offer high contrast and eye candy, và the full-color theme gives you a modern, consistent look across all your devices.

Enhance your reading experience with Insights from Bing, which displays relevant information from the website while you read an Office tệp tin.

Use one of the templates already created and configured on the home page screen & you can focus on your ideas and data.

Track comments in Word documents & mark them with the new reply button.

Retrieve sầu PDF content directly into Word. mở cửa PDF documents & edit paragraphs, lists and tables just lượt thích a normal Word document.

Save sầu time formatting information in Excel và interpret your data faster. The new tools recognize your template và perform automatic data entry.

With Excel"s new charts và graphs, you can explore your company"s data & create compelling documents in a variety of ways. Excel recommends the best charts for your data & provides a pnhận xét of your data so you can see what it will look like.

In Excel, you can now make basic forecasts for a range of data with one cliông chồng khổng lồ see future trends.

Share your PowerPoint presentation on the web by sending a links or distributing it via the không lấy phí Office Online Presentation Service. This way, your audience can follow you wherever you are.

Embed Excel spreadsheets, charts, sound clips, videos & almost any other file type in your Onechú ý notepads. Your notes are saved, searched và synced with OneNote apps on your other devices so you can use and cốt truyện them anywhere.

Respond faster with instant replies (right in the toàn thân of the original message) in Outlook. Just type your response in the reading area.

Save time with Publisher"s phokhổng lồ printing options.

List và summarize data in an associated table or quickly submit a query in Access. Simply cliông xã on an vật phẩm to get a detailed view.

Igiảm giá khuyến mãi for families and very small businesses


System requirements:



1 GHz or faster

Random Access Memory (RAM):

min. 2 GB

Hard disk capacity:

min. 3 GB

Graphics card:

DirectX 10 or higher

Screen resolution:

1024 x 768 or higher


Order Details:


The hàng hóa offered is a key (activation code).

This is available for installation for 32 or 64 bits after purchase.

The product images are for visual representation of the software only and vị not represent a delivered thắng lợi.

Please note that each product key only works for the number purchased.

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Any additional installation attempts will result in the activation code being automatically blocked và a new product purchased.


Microsoft Office năm 2016 Professional Plus
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