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The MS Office 2010 hàng hóa key is no longer available. This version can no longer be purchased. If you vì not have sầu a key, please bởi not tải về this version.

Each new version of Office is a small revolution. Microsoft Office 2010 is no exception. Associated with Windows 7, the software continues to lớn innovate. All of the applications of this program use the Ribbon interface, introduced in the 2007 version. Its appearance is also more streamlined & coherent.

The changes introduced by Microsoft Office 2010 are vast và quite striking. The Office button has been completely renovated: instead of a thực đơn, it opens a panel that occupies the entire program window. Previewing nội dung pasted in Word lets you see how a document will look before inserting it, while the translation và screen capture tools help you khổng lồ improve your documents. Excel graphs và diagrams are easily integrated inlớn Word text; Outlook group e-mail conversations now feature a button khổng lồ delete all redundant text; & PowerPoint can insert videos with an integrated player.

This version is only compatible with 32-bit Windows systems. You can download Office 2010 in its 64-bit version from the official Microsoft website. To vì so, go here.

Microsoft office 2010 miễn phí download full version with key Microsoft office 2010 không tính tiền tải về - Best answers Microsoft office 2010 không tính tiền download for windows 7 - Best answers
Alternative sầu spelling: Microsoft_Office_Home_and_Student_2010.exe pháo
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