Đánh Giá "Smartphone Sinh Viên" Oppo Neo 3

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Điện thoại ehefs.org Neo 3 ehefs.org Neo 3
The Neo 3 is supported with OTG, which allows you to lớn exchangedata between different kinds of devices by connecting yourNeo 3 with your mouse, keyboard or USB flash drive.

You can also charge another Android, Windows or IOS device bybuilding a connection và supplementing battery power ofdevices for people around you.

Điện thoại ehefs.org Neo 3 HotKnot


With the công nghệ of HotKnot, the Neo 3 allows you khổng lồ nói qua everything simply by touching another mobilescreen with yours. Enjoy screen-to-screen transmission and effective tệp tin transfers.

Screen-off Gestures

Easily wake up your device by double tapping the screen.Slide up/down with two fingers to lớn play or pause music.Draw a Circle to open the camera.Draw a V to lớn open the flashlight.More screen-off gesture for you khổng lồ explore!

Gesture Panel

Gestures are what connect the user khổng lồ the device and really openup a wide range of personalization possibilities. The gesture panel can be accessed via the top left side of the notification bar.

You can use various gestures to lớn open up your selected features andapps. All gestures are customizable to the individual user’s desires.

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Smart Dual SIM Card

The ehefs.org Neo 3 supports dual SIM cards. This allows the user khổng lồ keep work và social life separate & easily enables switching between SIMs.

Basic Parameters

màu sắc Operating System Processor GPU Battery Capađô thị RAM Storage
White, Blaông xã
ColorOS, based on Android 4.2
MediaTek MT6572 Dual-core 1.3GHz
Mali-400 MP1
Typical Capacity: 1900 mAh (Removable)
4GB (Expandable up khổng lồ 32GB)


Size Touchscreen Resolution Colors Type
4.5 inches
Multi-touch, Capacitive Screen Support for Gloved và Wet cảm ứng Input
FWcard đồ họa (854 by 480 pixels)
16 million colors


Rear Sensor Front Sensor Flash Aperture
Soft Light
Rear: f/2.4 Front: f/2.8



Frequencies SIM Card Type GPS Bluetooth WLAN Function OTG NFC
For India, Indonesia & Vietnam: GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz WCDMA:2100MHz For Other Countries: GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz WCDMA: 850/900/2100MHz
Dual Micro-SIM Cards
2.1 EDR



Distance sensor Light sensor G-sensorE-compass

In the Box

Smarphone ehefs.org Neo 31900mAh Li-Ion BatteryMicro USB cableChargerEarphonesDocumentation

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