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If you have a large table that spans across several pages, you have a few options khổng lồ control its appearance.

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Repeat Row Headers

If the table has a header row, you can repeat it on the top of each page.

Select the header row. Cliông xã the Layout tab in the Table Tools ribbon group. Exp& the Data group, if necessary. Click the Repeat Header Rows button.

The header row will now be automatically repeated whenever the table appears across multiple pages.

To turn this off, just cliông chồng the Repeat Header Rows button again.

Adjust Page Break Options

Occasionally, a table will get split up over a page break, making it difficult to consume. Word has settings to prevent this from happening.

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Select the table. Click the Properties button on the Layout tab.

The Table Properties dialog box opens.

You can also right-click the table and select Properties from the menu.

Click the Row tab.

The Row properties let you control the height of the row, as well as two options for how the row appears when the table spans multiple pages. Allow rows to break across pages toggles whether the row can be split when the table expands khổng lồ another page. When turned off, the row will move sầu khổng lồ the next page entirely instead of splitting. Repeat as header row at the top of each page lets you use the selected row as a header.

Clear the Allow row lớn break across pages checkbox. Cliông chồng OK.

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