How to schedule windows 10 shutdown

Is it possible khổng lồ avoid the message that displays that the system will shut down in ten minutes if using the following command?

shutdown -s -t 3600


You can easily do that by changing the comment to space:

shutdown -s -t 3600 -c " "The warning message will be skipped because there is no message.

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As an alternative sầu, you could use an external timer và a force shutdown at the correct time. For example:

timeout -t 3600 -nobreak &và shutdown -s -t 00cảnh báo that a caveat of this approach is that the shutdown comm& is not actually sover (e.g. to networked computers) until the timeout is finished, therefore you will need the sending computer to lớn be on with a working connection at the over of the timeout. A workaround is lớn run the entire command directly on the target computer, e.g. with PsExec.

If you want to hide the commvà window as well, there are many ways to bởi vì so.

I personally favour a PowerShell-based comm& that hides itself (run from a cmd window in this case):

start powershell.exe -WindowStyle Hidden -Command "sleep 3600; shutdown -s -t 00"PowerShell can be configured for remoting, too. And it might be preferable to lớn use the native sầu Stop-Computer comm& rather than shutdown.

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You will have to turn off the automatic logoff comm& task..

Windows -> Start -> Run -> shutdown -a
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Add the -p flag khổng lồ avoid the "System will shutdown in 10 minutes" message.

shutdown -p -s -t 3600
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If you want lớn cancel the shutdown, use this comm&, use shutdown -a. If you just want to lớn hide the notification:

Make it appear by running shutdown -s -t 3600.Right-cliông xã on the clochồng và select Customize notification icons.Find Windows logon reminder và choose Hide inhỏ và notifications.

Shutdown tooltips won"t appear on that computer anymore và the inhỏ will be hidden.

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You can also use the Task Scheduler utility.

Start Menu -> Search "Task Scheduler"

kích hoạt -> Create Basic Task

Choose the time and frequency for which you want the event to occur.

Once you get to lớn the kích hoạt section, select "Start a Program" and choose:


and give the appropriate parameters for the arguments:

/s /f /t 0

These argmuments break down as follows:/s shutdown/f force the shutdown/t 0 t for time, 0 seconds

Click finish and you"re good khổng lồ go.

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answered Nov 8 "14 at 22:35
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