Tải google chrome mới nhất 2020

Version: Chrome 80
Operating System: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
License: Free
Developer Name: Google
Total Downloads: 1,267,671
Category: Web Browser
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A pop-up window will open with the Chrome Terms of Service, and an option khổng lồ automatically skết thúc usage stats và crash reports to Google. You can unkiểm tra the box if you prefer not to sover that information, và then click ACCEPT AND INSTALL.After the file downloads khổng lồ your computer, double-cliông chồng the file or choose RUN, và Chrome will complete the installation.

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How lớn Uninstall Google Chrome

If you decide that Chrome isn’t for you, follow these steps to uninstall Chrome quickly.

Type Add or Remove Program in the Windows tìm kiếm bar.
Scroll down to lớn Google Chrome and cliông xã UNINSTALL.
Your computer will save sầu your Chrome settings, in case you decide to lớn tải về it again in the future.

Google Chrome Overview

Don’t confuse Chrome’s minimacác mục design approach as being a simple browser. Chrome is a powerful và fast browser that can handle a heavy workload without slowing down.

lớn Chrome for a Personalized Experience

One of the best features Chrome offers is syncing across multiple computers và platforms. You can log in khổng lồ Chrome using your Google trương mục, and when you use Chrome for iOS, Android, or on a second computer, you’ll have the option to lớn import your browsing history, passwords, bookmarks, plugins, và more.


Turn on sync, & it won’t matter what computer or device you use to browse

Extensions, Extensions, Extensions

Perhaps the most significant advantage the Chrome has over other browsers is the extensive sầu browser library. The Chrome Web Store has both không lấy phí and subscription-based apps. You can sort by different categories & find almost any extension you might want — from online security apps to games, productivity apps, và much more. Installing extensions couldn’t be any easier if Google tried. All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse lớn install extensions.


Follow these three steps khổng lồ install any Chrome Extension


After the extension installs, an icon will be added to lớn your toolbar. Cliông chồng on the inhỏ khổng lồ open the program.

How Secure Is Google Chrome?

It’s important to separate security & privacy when talking about Chrome. Google is, at its core, a data collection company. They combine your search history, sites you visit, & your interaction with other Google apps khổng lồ target (relevant) ads that will appear on many other websites you visit. If you want lớn hide all of that from Google, turn on Incognilớn Mode, và Google won’t save sầu your browsing history, cookies, or site data.

However, from a security standpoint, Google Chrome does a great job protecting users, as best a website browser can. It doesn’t have sầu an antivirus program or malware detector, but it will prevent or warn users from going to lớn an unsafe site.

Chrome blocks all “Insecure Downloads,” which are downloads that come from an HTTPS site, but the tải về links is just HTTPhường.

Another widespread security concern is with data, including passwords, syncing across multiple platforms. The data is encrypted, but it’s on you khổng lồ remember to log out of the browser if you don’t want other people who use that computer lớn have access lớn your data. I strongly recommkết thúc that you use a secure Password Manager other than Chrome to protect this critical information.

Are Extensions a Security Concern?

On the one hvà, Chrome extensions are one of the best features, but at the same time, they can be a gateway for a company khổng lồ get their hands on your data. Before you add the extension, you will have sầu lớn approve sầu the “permissions” that it requires khổng lồ run.


Do you want this extension to have access lớn read và change all your data?

It’s always a good idea to lớn check out the company that developed the extension và make sure it’s legitimate/reputable. Google also has a Reviews section for each extension, which gives you insight from other users.

Alternatives to lớn Google Chrome

Chrome may be the most popular browser in the world, but it’s far from the only option. Here are a few other options that you can check out.

Brave: A relatively new browser that focuses on speed and security has steadily increased in the number of users over the past several years. It has a built-in tracker blocker, which in addition lớn protecting you from tracking, also helps increase the page load speed. One of the more unique features is TOR access directly from a tab, which will allow you khổng lồ stay anonymous online and tìm kiếm the Dark Web.


? How can I phối Google Chrome as my default browser?

If you have several website browsers và want to phối Chrome as your mặc định browser just cliông chồng on the menu button in the top right corner > Settings > Default Browser > Make Default.

? How do I change the mặc định Search Engine?

Google is the built-in default search engine. However, if you want lớn change it or it was changed when you downloaded some software, go back khổng lồ the Settings Menu & scroll to lớn the Search Engine Section. Open it up, and you can set the mặc định engine and see a menu of options other than Google.

? Do I have sầu lớn sync my browser with every device I log on to?No. You will be given the option to lớn sync and import all your bookmarks when you log in lớn the browser.

? Can I personalize Chrome?

There is a “theme” section in the Chrome Web Store. There you’ll find all different skins for Chrome that will change the color và look of your browser. If you use Chrome on multiple computers, you can import your themes, bookmarks, và favorites by syncing your tài khoản.

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? Is browsing in Incognikhổng lồ Mode really secure?

Incognito Mode should not replace having an antivirus program or a VPN. All it does is hide your browsing activity from Google, at least in terms of collection cookies, adding a site khổng lồ your browsing history, and trackers. It won’t make you anonymous to your ISP., the sites that you’re visiting, or protect you from malware or viruses.

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