Roughly five years ago, I had the pleasure of playing Warhammer Quest, a turn-based tactical role-playing game made by Rodeo where your warriors moved from tile lớn tile, taking out the unruly denizens of the world. Then my tablet broke after only a few hours of playing. It’s safe lớn say that Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times feels more like a fresh start.

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One can think of it as a fresh start as well for developers Perchang (headed by Rodeo’s creative sầu head, Ben Murch). Though, to be more precise, if you’ve sầu played the previous game or Warhammer Quest 2’s sản phẩm điện thoại iteration (released for iOS & Android devices in 2017 and 2018 respectively), then you can easily familiarize yourself with the PC version which has ultrawide support and all the DLC included.


The game’s world maps gives off some Game of Thrones vibes. The only thing that’s missing is Ramin Djawadi’s score.

These Are The End Times

The End Times was an event in Warhammer Fantasy Battles where the world was destroyed. The forces empowered by Chaos united, và valiant heroes desperately tried to survive sầu lớn no avail. Numerous accidents, mishaps, và betrayals occurred leading to the world’s doom. This is the current setting of Warhammer Quest 2. Although the entire globe — from Lustria to Canỗ lực — is feeling the wrath of Chaos Warriors, Beastmen, Skaven, & daemons, the entire game takes place solely in the lands of the Empire.

The first act takes place in the region of Middenland where you’re facing off against Nurgle’s plagued minions and rampaging Beastmen. From there, you’ll eventually travel to lớn Reiklvà to lớn fight the Skaven, & then to lớn Talabhelặng to decimate Khorne’s followers.


The Ubersreik Five, or four, doesn’t matter!

Since The End Times saw sworn enemies come to lớn terms in order lớn fight a common threat, so too does Warhammer Quest 2 start things off on that note. Your first two heroes are an Empire Captain and a Dark Elf Sorceress. Within a couple of battles, your squad is joined by a Wood Elf Glade Guard & a Vampire Blood Knight.

Eventually, you’ll be able to recruit or “save” different types of nhân vật classes as well. You’ve got a dozen to choose from — Dwarf Slayers, Bretonnian Knights, Witch Hunters, High Elf Mages, and even mercenaries from the Ogre Kingdoms. Each faction which banded together during The End Times — minus the Lizardmen và Greenskins — is represented in Warhammer Quest 2.


The game also has a few nods to Vermintide.

Tactful Tactics

A tactical RPG or strategy game wouldn’t be of any import if the mechanics didn’t function well. Thankfully, Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times is easy enough to get inlớn with only a slight learning curve sầu at the start.

Each region has markers for the dungeons you can explore. Red markers are main missions that progress the story while White ones are your sidequests. These have various rewards that you can obtain at the kết thúc. Main missions are replayable; side missions are not. Once you clear them (or give sầu up) they are replaced by a different sidequest with a random reward (an tòa tháp, gold, or even a new hero). Also, while traveling from one marker khổng lồ the next, an event might pop up. This could be an ambush battle, a stat check/strength thử nghiệm, or just an opportunity to pray at a shrine.

While in dungeons, your characters are bound by their action points (AP) limits. A majority of warriors you recruit have five AP.., although others might start out with six. Almost every action in the game costs APhường from movement, weapon attacks, spells, buffs, và debuffs. AP is fully replenished at the beginning of each turn.

Your characters also have stat allocations (apart from the usual health pool, inventory slots, & AP). They are:

Strength – affects the damage of your weapon attacks; all attacks use strength unless said otherwiseDexterity – your accuracy; the enemy’s accuracy is slightly lower, thankfullyIntelligence – affects the damage of spellsSpeed – affects the “Deathblow” mechanic; a Deathblow is an automatic không lấy phí attaông xã that can occur after you’ve already struck an opponent; you can chain multiple of these in a row especially with a high speed stat

Finally, attacks are divided inkhổng lồ three types: Crushing (such as blunt weapons), Slashing (blades), or Piercing (arrows). Even spells follow the same rule.


A Chaos marauder eats a magic missile in the face.

Weapons Of War(hammer)

The basic mechanics are easy enough khổng lồ underst& but additional complexities come in the size of hundreds of different weapons, spells, and abilities you can equip. Some are limited to only a handful of classes; others (potions, APhường regen items) might be viable for everyone.

Since every action costs points, you’ll need khổng lồ be aware of the equipment you’re bringing khổng lồ a fight. Is it worth using a powerful sword only khổng lồ realize that you’re spending four APhường each swing and your character only has five sầu AP khổng lồ use per turn? Probably not.

These abilities/items can be rewarded after clearing a dungeon or purchased from towns. There are those that are obviously useful for any occasion (such as the Weaponmaster accessory which reduces AP costs by one point). Likewise, there are those of questionable utility (armor that increases AP costs or has a chance of dropping your APhường to zero at the start of a turn).


Some items are worth it; some are not. These are both in the “not” category.

Kill-kill The Man-things in Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times

Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times has a lot of items for you lớn choose from, và that’s because you have a lot of enemies to kill. The first act in Middenheyên has Beastmen hordes và minions of Grandfather Nurgle such as pox-infested villagers (plague zombies). The vicious, skittering Skaven have their clan rats, plague monks, clan Eshin’s assassins, và even a Grey Seer & a warlord that looks like Queek Headtaker. As for the Warriors of Chaos, marauding Norsca size the backbone of their armies. You might even encounter a few Chaos daemons along the way.

Each unit’s thiết kế is wonderfully drawn, enough for you lớn tell them apart (plague monks even have sầu flies buzzing around them). Likewise, each enemy type has its own stat allocation và AP, meaning they’re bound by the same rules as you are. For instance, Eshin assassins have low HPhường. but extremely high evasion stats. You could also get ambushed by different mobs whenever you over your turn and this can happen randomly.

Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times surpasses its predecessor in terms of enemy variety. Sadly, you’re generally looking at fairly comtháng archetypes. While one unit may differ from another in terms of stats or looks, you’re simply going to lớn focus on whether it’s a melee unit or a ranged one. Since each door you open will likely have sầu dozens of monsters ready khổng lồ pounce, it’s a case of quantity versus chất lượng when you realize that a majority of enemy types only have basic roles khổng lồ fill.


Enemies may have resistances, but they’re also resistant to lớn comtháng sense. They’ll happily run through burning tiles just khổng lồ get lớn you.

Rudimentary And Random

As I continued playing the game (roughly 22 hours in), more flaws became apparent. I mentioned rewards coming from dungeons. While you bởi vì earn the reward readily seen when you clichồng on a marker, additional ones are completely random. For instance, during an ambush battle, my Empire Captain soloed five sầu minotaurs. I won… and had 50 gold to show for it.

Given that gold rewards are random, you could kết thúc up penniless for a time especially since leveling up costs gold in the first place. You’re going to have to lớn farm a few more dungeons & hope for the best, or “sell” unwanted warriors & items.

As for leveling up, character progression is also random! For example, I had two Warrior Priests — same name, same stats. I leveled up both. One earned HPhường, the other earned strength. Barring copying an old save sầu tệp tin, you have sầu no control whatsoever with the stats that your characters gain when they màn chơi up. This means you could kết thúc up with a “stunted stunty” — a Dwarf Slayer which receives intelligence boosts. Even Gotrek would scoff at the idea và that ain’t a grudgin’.

If by any chance you had enough gold khổng lồ recruit a warrior or buy an sản phẩm, be forewarned that RNG also rears its ugly head. That’s because market wares & tavern recruitment pools can change after some time. The game isn’t really clear when this happens. I just ended up checking Altdorf & each settlement every now & then.

Think of grinding for gold, heroes, & gear as your destination. It can be rewarding, but the journey has lớn be meaningful as well. Sadly, Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times is lacking in that regard. The flaws become apparent after half a dozen hours or so of seeing the same rooms và enemies, initiating the same attacks over and over, and hearing the lone music traông chồng for every dungeon.


Sometimes a dungeon with one room can reward you with these…


… while a dungeon with a dozen rooms can give sầu you these.

Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times – Lather, Rinse, Repeat

To be fair, Warhammer Quest 2 isn’t a bad game at all. As mentioned, enemy numbers & variety exceed that of the first game. The game’s environs are wonderfully drawn even if they’re repetitive sầu. There are a plethora of skills và items you can phối and match to lớn obtain an optimal thiết đặt, which means customization is a plus. The game is highly stable (I haven’t experienced a single crash or stutter at all). And, as mentioned earlier, all the previous DLC from the thiết bị di động version have been included — no extra microtransactions at all.

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Unfortunately, a number of issues from RNG mechanics to monotonous dungeon runs mar what could’ve been an amazing experience. It might be stellar on mobiles và tablets owing khổng lồ shorter bursts of playing time. Sadly, as a PC title — where it’s comtháng for strategy game playthroughs to lớn last several hours per sitting — it needs more than just a retouch.

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